I am a UX Researcher and Mastering Engineer.

A professor of mine recently referenced a masterclass led by Joyce DiDonato, a prolific operatic soprano. In the video, Joyce explains the importance of developing and trusting the process of singing, rather than focusing on the destination or result. I am a vocalist, so of course I saved and revisited this video. I recall it now because both UX Research and Mastering Engineering require the same development and trust of one's process. This is one reason why I enjoy these disciplines. Results and discoveries are compelling and beautiful, but they are only attainable through the careful consideration and implementation of process.

By presenting her masterclass Joyce alludes to another important ingredient in the development of a successful process: collaboration with a team of other skilled professionals. In voice, a teacher and coach are necessary to develop a healthy and effective process. In UX Research, differing voices are required to minimize unconscious bias thereby creating more comprehensive research and inclusive design. In Mastering, an Artist, Mix Engineer, and/or Producer are needed to understand the scope of a project and meaning behind creative choices. Collaboration and open, honest communication are essential to developing the kind of process I strive for.

In my personal life, I consider myself a lifelong learner. I study and put together nourishing and beautiful dishes (Ligurian Focaccia is favorite recipe of mine- thank you, Samin Nosrat.) I hike and rock climb and travel and read as many books as my brain can absorb. I lose track of time when I’m deep in conversation with a friend over a good cup of tea.

My surname, Favati, is rooted in the history of the Fava bean. Fava > Favati. The Fava plant inspired the design of my website as a small tribute to those family members of immeasurable importance in my life. Thank you.

Are you interested in hiring me or want to chat about my projects? Please don't hesitate to reach out.