I am a user experience researcher passionate about music and sound technology.

As a graduate student at New York University I have rediscovered an excitement for research alongside a fascination with sound technology. While I finish my multidisciplinary thesis related to immersive audio, psychoacoustics, and music cognition, I am digging into user experience research and mastering music.

I practice curiosity and courage. I enjoy getting to know people and understanding how they think. I am a strong communicator and translator, using my strengths to synthesize research into meaningful insights. I strive to enact positive change through collaborative action and open, honest communication.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I study and put together nourishing and beautiful dishes (Ligurian Focaccia is favorite recipe of mine- thank you, Samin Nosrat.) I hike and rock climb and travel and read as many books as my brain can absorb. I lose track of time when I’m deep in conversation with a friend over a good cup of tea.

My surname, Favati, is rooted in the history of the Fava bean. Fava > Favati. The Fava plant inspired the design of my website as a small tribute to those family members of immeasurable importance in my life. Thank you.

Are you interested in working with me or want to chat about my projects? Please don't hesitate to reach out.